-The New Orleans Jazz Revival Band-

"Any time we play, it's a religious experience, regardless of whether it's a second-line or a hymn. Music makes people dance, sing, clap, jump up and down. That is a very religious, spiritual  experience, whether they know it or not, and its been part of our culture in New Orleans for 300 years." - Matt Lemmler

It’s the spirit of Ubuntu that has brought together Matt Lemmler's spiritually moving New Orleans Jazz Revival Band to tell this 300 year story of New Orleans music. From African melodies and rhythms, to classical etudes, to gospel chants (Wade in the Water), to New Orleans dirges (St.James Infirmary Blues). Matt Lemmler's New Orleans Jazz Revival Band will add a chapter to the long history of New Orleans music!


Tribute to Louis Armstrong-Jazz History

Tribute to Storyville-Jazz History

Group Drum Play-a-Long Jazz History Lesson

Tribute to New Orleans-Jazz History

Our "Jazz History Show" UBUNTU with St. Michael & All Angels Jazz Fest featuring Kim Prevost, Jason Marsalis, Bill Solley, Rex Gregory and Miles Lemmler. The NOLAJazzRevival Band was invited to headline at their 8th Annual Jazz Fest on the isle of Kauai, Hawaii to present our "History of Jazz Shows, Part One & Two."
Give a look/listen to a short clip from our "Tribute to the Marsalis Family/Mister Rogers Neighborhood" segment of the show featuring Jason Marsalis whistling on "Please Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by the great American composer/television mentor Fred Rogers.

Tribute to Marsalis Family/Mister Rogers Neighborhood-Jazz History

Jazz History PlayBills and Photos